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Four factors of reducing production cost of rubber bearing with reclaimed rubber

Rubber bearing is the key supporting component in isolation technology. It needs to be fixed in a certain position in the process of use to support the type of container or equipment and bear the vibration and seismic load in the process of operation. Natural rubber has the advantages of high mechanical strength and good elasticity. It is an ideal material for preparing rubber bearings. However, the high price and large price fluctuation of natural rubber are obvious to all. Therefore, many manufacturers focus on low-cost rubber raw materials. What problems should they pay attention to at this time?

1. Use low-cost rubber raw materials

When preparing rubber bearings with natural rubber as the main raw material, the appropriate use of low-cost rubber raw materials can effectively reduce the raw material cost. In actual production, black composite natural rubber, latex reclaimed rubber and high strength tire reclaimed rubber have good compatibility with natural rubber, and can be used to produce natural rubber bearings in an appropriate proportion with natural rubber. The addition of recycled rubber can not only reduce the amount of natural rubber, but also alleviate the problem of vulcanization inversion of natural rubber and improve the aging resistance of rubber bearing.

2. Reduce the amount of rubber filler

Low cost rubber fillers such as calcium carbonate can increase the volume of products and reduce the cost of raw rubber in the production of rubber products; In the process of rubber processing, it can also improve the process performance of rubber. However, a large amount of calcium carbonate will lead to the mechanical indexes of the compound. If necessary, the rubber filler with surface modification can be used. Since the rubber bearing has strict requirements on the mechanical strength and other indicators of rubber, it is not recommended to use a large number of low-cost fillers in the production process of natural rubber bearing, and the amount of fillers should be appropriately reduced.

3. Control the consumption of low-cost rubber

Recycled rubber, composite natural rubber or sub brand natural rubber are common rubber raw materials to replace natural rubber and reduce the cost of rubber products. When selecting appropriate low-cost rubber such as recycled rubber to reduce the production cost of natural rubber bearing, the manufacturer needs to select recycled rubber and other products with appropriate indexes, and reasonably control the dosage of hyl13y9y2y-lyy recycled rubber and composite natural rubber according to the specific requirements of rubber bearing, especially various mechanical indexes; Reduce the cost of raw materials on the premise of ensuring the service performance and service life of rubber bearings.

4. Properly adjust the bearing formula

When using recycled rubber, sub brand natural rubber or composite natural rubber to reduce the raw material cost of natural rubber bearing, properly adjusting the formula of rubber bearing can further optimize the quality of finished products. In general, sulfur vulcanization is recommended for natural rubber bearings containing low-cost rubber raw materials, and the amount of reinforcing agent such as carbon black is appropriately increased to further improve the mechanical strength, wear resistance and fatigue resistance of vulcanizates; Reasonably control the amount of plasticizer to avoid the increase of creep performance of rubber bearing; The anti-aging system suggests that a variety of anti-aging agents should be used together.

There are still many problems needing attention when using natural rubber and recycled rubber, sub brand natural rubber or composite natural rubber to produce low-cost rubber bearings, including raw material selection, formula design and production process. Xiaobian has the opportunity to continue to discuss with you.


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