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Quzhou Qiangji rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd. is an excellent enterprise specializing in the production of butyl reclaimed rubber products in China. The company is located in the south of Hebei Province around Beijing and Tianjin, and in the east of Handan city. The company is close to Xizhuang tire trading market, a famous distribution center of waste tires in China. The variety and quantity of rubber resources are extremely rich.

Founded in 2010, our company mainly produces high strength butyl reclaimed rubber, composite butyl reclaimed rubber, brominated butyl reclaimed rubber, butyl capsule reclaimed rubber and other reclaimed rubber products, which can meet the requirements of national and international standards and the standard requirements of manufacturers, with an annual production capacity of 60000 tons. The products are mainly used in the production of butyl inner tube, tire inner liner, composite butyl rubber strip, sealant strip, waterproof coiled material, anti-corrosion material and other products. They fully respond to the national policy of resource recycling and sustainable development, and effectively save and utilize valuable rubber resources. The company's development goal is to follow a resource recycling path of "resource product renewable resource product resource", The road of economic cycle is strongly supported by the leaders of the provincial, municipal and county governments and various departments. It is also selected as the governing unit by the "China tire renovation and Recycling Association". It has won the certificate of Handan enterprise R & D institution engineering technology R & D department, and Hebei Science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises. It has the ability to research and develop new materials, and has obtained a number of patents and inventions, It has been rated as a civilized and honest enterprise in Handan city.

Our company has won the love and recognition of the majority of colleagues in the rubber stock industry with the business policy of honest service, the business principle of abiding by the contract and keeping promise, and the high-quality products. Our company has the first-class equipment in the reclaimed rubber industry. Technically, we employ famous experts from the national reclaimed rubber industry to guide the production. At the same time, it has a diligent and dedicated management team. All staff provide high-quality products for new and old customers with scientific management, strict and realistic working attitude and reliable service concept. General manager Zhang Yinjing warmly welcomes new and old friends at home and abroad to visit us.


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